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Customer: Customee, Israel



A mobile application for buyers and sellers. Its main purpose is to make trading processes easier and quicker. Customee lets buyers find the desired product in the nearest area in no time. The sellers draws the customers passing-by and picks up the most suitable product for them.


Requirements analysis, estimation and solution architecture. Services development.

Case Study

Solution: Our decision was to use the MvvmCross framework, which facilitates coding and reduces its duplication for the Andriod and iOS requests. Sellers can use the same ways of replying to the buyer’s requests. We also added the possibility for users to mark requests/offers as inappropriate, to block annoying users or those selling spam. Benefits: The client got the first release of the application for Android in a short time. It allowed us to plan next iterations (developing for the iOS platform and adding premium functionalities), while Android users were getting acquainted with a new application.


Xamarin Android, Xamarin iOS, MvvmCross, Google Maps Api, Google Play Services